Video Of Man In Sarawak Threatening Other Road User With Machete Went Viral Online

This is so dangerous!

Every day, drivers get angry and aggressive, and the evidence is mounting that this can put themselves and others at great risk.

These behaviors, also known as road rage, include rude and verbal insults, yelling, physical threats, or dangerous driving targeted at other drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists in an effort to intimidate or release their frustrations. 

video of man in sarawak threatening other road user with machete went viral onlinePhoto via Facebook (inforoadblock)

Recently, a video went viral on Facebook of a Sarawak driver threatening another road user with a machete.

The video, shared by user inforoadblock shows a man in a red shirt driving against traffic towards the victim and dangerously swerving to block the victim’s way. 

He then started threatening him by swinging a machete in his hand. Scary! 

And if you thought it ended there, you’re wrong! In another video, the same red car can be seen overtaking the victim’s vehicle at a red light. He then exited his car and started walking towards the victim’s vehicle while holding the machete as the victim reversed away from him…

It must be so scary for them! 

Tular seorang lelaki menaiki kereta Perodua Kancil bertindak agresif dgn menggunakan senjata sebilah parang berlaku pada pagi tadi di Jalan Upper Lanang Sibu Sarawak.. #inforoadblock

Posted by Inforoadblock on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

According to Sarawak Voice, the Sibu District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner (ACP) Zulkipli Suhaili said that the suspect had been arrested at his home. 

He said that the victim was unhappy after the victim honked at him. 

Ayo, we’re so glad nobody got hurt. Please be safe on the road, guys!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat