Man Receives Cute Letter After Adopting His New Kitten, Yoda!

Getting a new fur friend is an exciting time for everyone! And it’s also a HUGE responsibility when you decide to bring a pet into your home.

Recently, Twitter user, Ariff Ikhram (@ariffikhram) shared the heartwarming story of how his new kitten, Yoda, came home to him.

man receives cute letter after adopting his new kitten, yoda!Photo via Twitter (@ariffikhram)

In the tweet, Ariff shared an adorable photo of his kitten, Yoda and a note that was written by Yoda’s previous owner’s children. 

The letter read: “Dear Uncle Ariff, please take good care of Yoda. We would like to keep her but Mama said ten cats are too many.

“Mama said we are making people happy by having pets so we hope Yoda makes you happy. We know that you will love her with all your heart,” it said.

Ariff said in his tweet that he adopted the kitten from a Facebook group and didn’t expect to get such an adorable letter.

“Thank you for sharing some of your happiness with someone else. I’m going to take care of this kitten with all of my heart,” he tweeted.

Ahh, so cute! Now we are happy, too!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat