M’sian Praise Kind Man For Helping Elderly Aunty Who Is Stranded At MRT Station

A man recently took to Facebook to share about a stranded elderly Aunty that he found at an MRT station in Kuala Lumpur.

In the post, the man, who is known by his Facebook name, Syed Azmi said when he arrived at the MRT station, he found an aunty yelling for help at the station’s counter. 

The aunty was asking if she could purchase a ticket for the KTM, but unfortunately the KTM ticket counter had already closed. There was a note on the glass stating that the counter had closed at 5 pm and it was already 10:05 pm then. 

m’sian praise kind man for helping stranded elderly aunty in wheelchairPhoto via Facebook (Syed Azmi)

He also found out that the aunty is deaf because she had a hearing aid on. 

Azmi then decided to help the aunty to buy a ticket using one of the machines, but two of the machines weren’t working. 

“The aunty told me that she wanted to cry because she doesn’t know where to go.

After seeing the poor woman in distress, Azmi decided to offer her a ride, “I asked if there’s anyone to pick her up if he offered to send her to KTM Bangi station. And she told me that her sister will be there to pick her up.

“We then called her sister to make sure that someone would be there to pick her up and even asked for her permission to drive the aunty there,” he continued. 

Azmi said that the aunty was good at communicating with them in Bahasa, however, she seemed a little stressed and tired so they decided not to ask too many questions so as to not bother her. 

“As soon as we got into the car, the aunty seemed a little relaxed, so we decided to ask her for her name.

“She then replied with ‘My name is Teh. Like the teh we drink,’ she told us. And then she started sharing a lot about her life. There were so many stories and we enjoyed listening to her.

“Her name is Teh. Madam Teh. She is 65-years-old. Her husband divorced her and now has a new wife. His new wife is a little ‘senget’” Azmi wrote. 

😍😍😌😍😍 Mi gelak sebab aunty cina ni. Bila kami sampai stesen, aunty ni tengah jerit mintak tolong kat kaunter MRT mintak...

Posted by Syed Azmi on Saturday, 28 January 2023

When they arrived at the station, Aunty Teh kept on thanking Azmi and his friends and even gave them an angpao!

“She wanted to know how many children I have at home, and I told her that I’m not married. She then said to invite her to my wedding one day.

“This is the most memorable Chinese New Year for us.”

Aww, this story warms our hearts! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us!