S’pore Man Picks Up His Own Order After Delivery Rider's Tyre Burst, Even Delivers Another!

A video on TikTok recently went viral of a man who went to pick up his own food order after finding out that his delivery guy had a flat tyre.

In the 4-minutes video, the user, who goes by the name Kiro, explained that his rider had popped his tyre and will be sending another rider to help pick up his order, however he told the rider that he will be picking up his own food order at the location instead. 

s’pore man picks up his own order after delivery rider's tyre burst, even delivers another!Photo via TikTok (@kirostory)

Kiro said that the incident was “strange” but it wasn’t a big deal for him. 

While he was on his way, he came across another delivery rider who explained that he had hit a pothole and popped his tyre as well. As his motorcycle was unusable, he asked Kiro if he could send the food to a customer nearby, which he agreed.

The rider offered to pay him but he refused, adding that he understands because he does food delivery as well. 

“Things happen, right?”

The video has since garnered over 353,000 views at the time of writing.

@kirostory Collecting food from my GrabRider because he popped his tyres, but guess what? #fypシ #grabfood #r15 ♬ Bored - Lukrembo

Many took to the comment section praising Kiro for his kindness, “Thanks for showing everyone out there how to be a model citizen. At the same time showing the reality we face as a delivery rider,” said one person.

“Nowadays it's very rare to find people like you bro, kudos to you!”

He was very kind and helpful. Kudos to you, Kiro for setting such a great example!