Man Orders A Mirror Online, Receives One That Made His Face Look Weird!

Since the start of the Movement Control Order, Malaysians have turned to online shopping to buy everything they need. 

And when we say everything, we mean literally everything… from foods and desserts, to books, furniture, pet foods and essentials, toiletries, and even groceries! 

man orders a mirror online, receives one that made his face look weird!Photo via TikTok (@aasbadr5)

TikTok user, @aasbadr5, shared on his account how he was waiting for a mirror to be delivered from an online shopping app. However, the item he received is not what he expected.

In the video, he showed the mirror that he ordered online already hung on the wall, but to his surprise, when he looked into the mirror, his reflection looked distorted and weird. 

One person even commented how the mirror looks like a toy mirror that you find in fake makeup toy sets for children. 

His caption read: “Dear God, please give me the patience from screaming and cursing because of this.”

His video received over 400,000 reactions at the time of writing. 


Ya Allah Berikanlah Aku Kekuatan untuk menahan diri Dari memaki 😀#fyp #tiktokmalaysia #fypシ

♬ original sound - Kakashi Goreng Selipar Gojo

This is actually very funny! 

Please be careful when shopping online, guys! Remember to always read the description and reviews carefully before you place an order. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat