Dangerous! Man Almost Cuts His Neck After Getting Caught On Kite String While Riding On His Motorcycle In Johor

While riding a motorcycle in Batu Pahat, Johor, a Malaysian man nearly suffered a neck injury due to a kite thread.

Edmund Seow wrote on Facebook that his father's neck was injured and nearly severed in half. My father came out after taking a shower when I got home and said, "Look," pointing to his neck. Then the family realized how serious the injury was after taking a closer look.

dangerous! man almost cuts his neck after getting caught on kite string while riding on his motorcycle in johorPhoto via Facebook (Edmund Seow)

"Just now, as I was riding my motorcycle from Rivercity Business Park to my house, something got caught around my neck and I was unable to move. I nearly fell by the side of the road!" 

Seow’s father added: "After that, I saw a few kids flying kites while I still had the kite strings wrapped around my neck! My entire head would have been cut in half if I traveled any faster!”

His father then scolded the kids and warned them not to fly kites next to the road because they might kill someone unintentionally.

The post has since garnered over 1,800 reactions and over 6,800 shares at the time of writing.

Malaysians, who live near the area commented, saying that it’s not the first time that this has happened, “I have seen these kids flying their kites at the side of the road many times before. I’ve reported this to the police and the district council.

“Everyone should do the same until they take action!”

我爸頭差點斷在路邊。 我回到家,剛洗好澡的爸爸走出來指著自己的脖子: ’‘你們看。’‘ 近視沒戴眼鏡的我跟老化沒戴眼鏡的媽媽, 湊前一瞧喊道: ‘’哇!做麼哦你!‘’ 我爸: ‘’剛剛我開 Motor 從 Rivercity...

Posted by Edmund Seow on Saturday, 3 December 2022

Aiyo, we’re glad that nothing serious happened to the man!

Kite strings are very, very dangerous! Extreme tension on the kite lines can make them razor sharp and could cause severe cuts, bruises and burns if it comes into contact with anyone at any speed. 

Children might not understand this, so parents, please look after them when they’re flying their kites and make sure to not leave any broken strings lying around.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat