M’sians Reveal Individual Who Looks For Kittens To Adopt Online Allegedly Feeds Them To His Pet Snake

A woman recently took to Twitter to warn cat owners that there was a man from Ipoh who has been pretending to look for kittens to adopt, but is actually feeding them to his pet snake. 

The user also included screenshots of the man’s now deleted tweets, telling other snake owners that they could get “free” kittens from people who are offering their kittens for adoption. 

m’sians reveal individual who looks for kittens to adopt online allegedly feeds them to his pet snakePhoto via Twitter

“My friend and I always ask for free kittens, and sometimes rabbits to adopt.”

“Hi guys, if you know any cats or rabbits to adopt, please let me know. My Helga needs a friend,” his tweets read. 

He was also told by another Twitter user to feed his snake other types of animals like pigs, to which he responded: “Be logical! How can my snake eat a pig? It’s too big for her. The situation with kittens is unique.”

The snake owner originally posted on Twitter in June last year saying that he was looking to adopt a cat or rabbit close to Ipoh. 

He didn’t mention about his pet snake, Helga, so pet owners have been offering him their animals for him to adopt. 

Some even offered him an adult cat to be adopted in case he didn’t find the kittens he wanted, to which he responded: “No, adult cats are simply too large for my Helga” which confuses the pet owners. 

Malaysians were outraged after he revealed that he had found some kittens “for Helga,” and even shared a photo of the snake, “Thank you so much for all your help. Here’s a photo of my beautiful Helga,” he tweeted. 

“Dad will feed you with some yummy food,” his tweet reads. 

Netizens voiced their anger after learning the truth, “Heartless! Why would you do that? The poor kittens!”

The snake owner has since deactivated his Twitter account after receiving backlash from netizens.