Man Leaves Girlfriend On Penang Bridge After She Falls From Motorcycle While He Tries To Avoid Roadblock

Imagine being left alone in the middle of a bridge by your boyfriend, just because he didn’t want to go through a police roadblock. A 100% red flag! 

man leaves girlfriend on penang bridge after she falls from motorcycle while he tries to avoid roadblockPhoto via TikTok (@amirulainul4788)

This is exactly what happened to a poor woman who was left at the Penang Bridge toll plaza. It was believed that she was riding a motorcycle with a man, who is her boyfriend, when they noticed that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) had set up a roadblock.

According to the JPJ, the woman fell off the motorcycle when the man abruptly stopped. Instead of waiting for her, he made a quick u-turn and sped away. 

The video was shared on TikTok by user @amirulainul4788 and has since garnered over 389,700 views at the time of writing. 

Many took to the comment section to advise the woman to leave the man: “Girl, he is useless. He can’t even wait for you to get back up on the motorcycle?” said one person.

“I thought it’s ‘I’d walk through fire and water for you’ is it not? Useless!”



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According to Penang JPJ director, Adenan Md Isa, the incident took place Wednesday (25 January) night at around 9:45 pm.

He assumed that the man may have rushed off because he didn’t have a valid license or vehicle registration. 

Adenan added that when officers questioned the woman, who is in her 20s, she admitted that the man is her fiance. She was not detained because she did not break any laws, however, after being interrogated, the woman left without getting treatment for her injuries. 

Aiyo, she must have thought that she was in trouble! We’re glad that she is okay, though!