“He Pees In The Sink!” Man Couldn’t Stand His Filthy Housemate And Kicks Him Out!

He had to put a note at the sink, asking his housemate to go pee in the toilet… That is SO bad!

Considering you paid for a room, for an extended period of time, it is expected that you will be responsible to keep your space clean. 

One renter, however, missed the memo when he started to rapidly annoy his housemates by arguably being the filthiest person anyone could ever have the misfortune of living with.

“he pees in the sink!” man couldn’t stand his filthy housemate and kicks him out!Photo via TikTok (@fredauuuusssssssss)

TikTok user, @fredauuuusssssssss documented his housemate’s filthy behaviors and even had extra pictures to back up his claims!

In the video, he shows photos of his housemate’s cluttered room. 

The user, who is known as Fredaus said that the room started to smell barely three weeks after the renter moved in. There were leftover foods, random trash strewn all over the place and the side of the bed. 

If a dirty room isn’t enough, the renter had also been peeing in the sink of the house’s communal bathroom. Fredaus claimed that if it weren’t for the note he had put up, he would wake up to the scent of pee every morning after his housemate had used the bathroom.

“Do not pee in the sink!” 

Also, without asking for permission, the renter would help himself to the food in the shared refrigerator. And this has happened many times before, according to Fredaus. 

Fredaus and his other housemates made a mutual decision to kick the renter out since they could no longer put up with his behavior.

He noted in the comments that the renter had eventually left the apartment after exposing everything in the video. To netizens' surprise, Fredaus added that the renter was extremely “fond of” pooping on their bathroom floor. 

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Excuse us, but what?! This is so bad!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat