Man Accidentally Kicks Ball High Up In The Air, Lands On Motorcyclist’s Head!

Football has become a very popular pastime sport not just in Malaysia but the whole world, especially for men!

Almost anywhere you go in Malaysia, you will see young boys and even adult men playing football between 4-6 pm, which is also where they would show off their football skills to all of their friends. 

man accidentally kicks ball high up in the air, lands on motorcyclist’s head!Photo via TikTok (@oyen_samseng)

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok of a group of men playing football at a football field, located next to a road. 

In the video, one of the men was seen showing off his skills by kicking the ball high into their… which accidentally landed on top of a motorcyclist’s head. But, it’s a good thing that the uncle was wearing a helmet! 

The shocked uncle then stopped his motorcycle to look at the men, who were holding in their laughs. 

The video has since garnered over 2.4 million views at the time of writing. It’s so funny but we’re so glad no one got seriously hurt. 

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Well, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt… So, remember to be mindful of your surroundings and main bola safely, okay guys?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat