Man In Singapore Arrested For Swinging Sword At People And Passing Vehicle

A man was caught on video swinging a sword at road users along Buangkok Crescent. The man has been arrested by police.

According to TODAY, the unidentified man allegedly swung the sword at members of the public in addition to destroying at least three cars outside the Buangkok Square shopping mall. Ahh, so dangerous!

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The Singapore Civil Defence Force confirmed that two people including the man himself suffered minor injuries. One of them was brought to Sengkang General Hospital for mild abrasion.

Two others were examined for minor injuries but declined to be sent to the hospital.

The man was arrested for criminal intimidation and possession of an offensive weapon by police who arrived at the scene about 1.55 p.m. on Monday (March 14th). As a case exhibit, the sword was seized.

According to the police, investigation is still ongoing.

At around 3 pm, a video of the incident, shot from a distance was shared on Facebook group The video has also been circulating online in two different versions, each lasting between two and three minutes.

The man, clad in a dark-colored tank shirt, long jeans, and a crew cut, was seen wandering in the center of a two-lane road with a sword unsheathed as he approached a stationary white car.

The driver then drove away when the man approached his vehicle and further tried to intimidate the driver by putting the tip of his sword at the front passenger window while swinging his sword at the car. 

Clearer and closer video of the man with sword attacking cars and pedestrian. Respect and thank you to the man who disabled the attacker, because of his actions instead of running away he has prevented more people from getting hurt. Credit: Na Fizz Familia

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He was then seen strolling on the opposite side of the road, towards the retail center, where he can be seen colliding into yet another passing vehicle.

He was also seen lunging towards a pedestrian at one point in the footage. Several people were then seen rushing forward to hold down the man.

So, so dangerous! We’re glad no one got seriously hurt!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat