Man In China Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Buffet For “Eating Too Much!”

A man in Changsha City, City was barred from an all-you-can-eat restaurant for being able to scuff down way too much food.

We didn’t think that was even possible!

man in china banned from all-you-can-eat buffet for “eating too much!”Photo via Mothership

Known as Kang, the man told local news outlets that a seafood BBQ buffet restaurant has banned him after a couple of visits, where he wolfed down incredible amounts of food. 

According to Mashable, on his first visit, he apparently ate 1.5 kilograms worth of pork trotters and then gobbled down just under 4 kilograms of prawns on his second visit. Although he said he didn’t waste any food, the amount he ended up putting away alarmed the owner of the restaurant, who ended up blacklisting him.

“Every time he comes here, I lose a few hundred yuan. Even when he drinks soy milk, he can drink 20 to 30 bottles.

“When he eats pig trotters, he consumes the whole tray of them. And for prawns, usually people use tongs to pick them up, he uses a tray to take them all,” said the owner. 

man in china banned from all-you-can-eat buffet for “eating too much!”Photo via Insider

And since he is a professional food steamer, the owner has also said that he’s now considering banning ALL other streamers from entering his restaurant in a bid to prevent such problems from happening again. 

Of course, the story went viral on Chinese social media and many people had their own takes regarding the situation. 

Some said they felt sorry for the owner considering how he was liable to lose money every time someone with a giant appetite walked through the doors… 

Hmm… this is a tricky situation. What do you guys think?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat