Man Attempts World's Longest Water Slide in Penang with GF, Ends Up with Lifeguard Instead!

During a recent visit to the Escape Theme Park in Penang, one man's plan for a thrilling ride on one of the world's longest water slides with his girlfriend turned into an unexpected adventure.

Zachariah Chiah documented this unique experience and shared it on TikTok on October 30.

man attempts world's longest water slide in penang with gf, ends up with lifeguard instead!Photo via TikTok (@zacharychiah)

The water slide in question is an astounding 1,111 meters long, holding the official Guinness World Records title for the world's longest water slide. It winds through the lush, forested hillside of Penang, providing an exhilarating three-minute descent.

In the TikTok video, Chiah initially settled onto the float, all set for the ride, while his girlfriend was about to join him. However, an unexpected mishap occurred as the lifeguard was adjusting the float. The float began to slide down the colossal slide, carrying Chiah and the lifeguard on an unplanned journey. Meanwhile, Chiah's girlfriend remained at the top of the slide, left in astonishment by the unexpected turn of events.

The lifeguard's surprised expression and his struggle to sit properly on the float suggested that he might have inadvertently set the ride in motion by pushing the float off the slide's top. To Chiah's amazement, he found himself sharing the descent with the lifeguard instead of his girlfriend.

In the midst of this unusual adventure, Chiah humorously asked about his girlfriend's whereabouts, inquiring, "My baby leh?" The lifeguard pointed to the top of the slide and responded, "There." 

In Malay, the lifeguard explained that he had fallen, leading to this unexpected shared experience.

Remarkably, during their three-minute journey, Chiah and the lifeguard swiftly struck up a friendly connection. Chiah introduced himself, and they even shook hands. 

Chiah even went on to ask the lifeguard if it was his first day on the job.

@zacharychiah U think this lifeguard play prank on me or what? 🤨 #Insta360 #escapethemeparkpenang #iamzach #malaysia #zacharychiah ♬ original sound - IamZach

Chiah's TikTok video entertained netizens and quickly gained popularity, accumulating 4.8 million views. 

Some viewers couldn't help but comment, "Lucky the GF didn't get on it first!" highlighting the amusing and unforeseen nature of the experience.