Man Furious After Lorry Rammed The Side Of His Car, M’sians Say It Was Actually His Fault!

Please try not to double-park if you can...

Not only is this irritating for those whose car was blocked but the people around the area. Double-parked vehicles also cause congestion, block access and force other drivers to manoeuvre gingerly as vehicles are parked on both sides of the road.

man furious after lorry rammed the side of his car, m’sians say it was actually his fault!Photo via TikTok (@mr.zoie_nirvana)

A video recently went viral of a man who was furious after the side of his car was rammed by a lorry.

The video, which was uploaded by user @mr.zoie_nirvana on TikTok shows a lorry that was unable to navigate through a narrow road because there were a few cars double-parking despite the available parking boxes.

His attempt to get netizens to be on his side backfired as everyone in the comments section stated that he was in the wrong for double-parking at such a narrow street area.

“Thank you, Abang lorry, I would’ve done the same thing,” one person commented.

“How do you expect lorries or bigger cars to go through that small road if you double-park your car like that?" 

They also pointed out how there were many available parking spots and assumed that he was just too lazy, “Don’t blame it on someone else. Show this video to the police if you dare.”


aku xnk buat hal..dtg lah campak sikit..rasa lah sikit bersalah

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The video has since garnered over 516,000 views at the time of writing.

Who do you guys think is in the wrong?