Man From Klang Puts Tombstone In Pothole So That Authorities Would Take Action

A series of photos recently went viral on social media, showing a man placing a tombstone in a massive pothole in Klang. 

man from klang puts tombstone in pothole so that authorities would take actionPhoto via Facebook (Brotherhood Shah Alam)

The photos were shared by a local road safety activist group, Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood Shah Alam, and it gained so much attention not only from the public but the authorities as well, which prompted them to take swift action. 

The tombstone is used to symbolize the lives of road users who were at risk due to potholes which were aimed at the Klang Municipal Council, who are in charge of the road’s upkeep, according to the post.

The post said: “You’re not happy that we placed a tombstone in a pothole, well we’re not happy that you’ve been ignoring our complaints that have been made and for the lack of response and actions taken on your side.” 

Just 12 hours after the pictures were posted, another video showed that the pothole had already been filled up by authorities, “Congratulations to the Pulau Indah 29 Brotherhood team, who have successfully pressured the local authorities to take action in under 12 hours.”

Though the pothole was already fixed, the Brotherhood was still not satisfied with the quality of the repair works.

According to the Malay Mail, the Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood has been around since 2011, actively advocating road safety for motorcyclists.

They are also popularly known for fixing potholes by using money from their own pockets at the same time, educating the public on actions to take against the authorities if they are involved in road accidents due to damaged roads.

Well, that’s one way to get the authorities’ attention. Good job, Brotherhood! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat