Man Blindly Follows Navigation App, Ends Up Getting Lost On His Motorcycle For 11 Hours

Navigation apps are supposed to help us reach a certain destination faster, safer and more conveniently.

But at the end of the day, there’s no navigation app that’s always 100% accurate. And if you’re using them on a regular basis, you probably know that sometimes, these apps just route you into heavy traffic… or worse, completely lost in the middle of nowhere, substantially increasing the ETA.

man blindly follows navigation app, ends up getting lost on his motorcycle for 11 hoursPhoto via TikTok (@marpik86)

This is exactly what happened to one man, who was misled by a navigation app on his way home from Raub to Sepang and had to be on his motorcycle for nearly 11 hours.

The video was shared on TikTok by user @marpik86 showing a man who was deceived by a navigation app until he finally decided to call the police for assistance. The man, who is known as Wan, claimed that the app had taken him from Raub to Bukit Fraser and out to Hulu Selangor when he only wanted to go back to Sepang. 

“Luckily we picked up his call and asked for his location. We continued to move to the address he provided. He ended up turning onto a small, winding, dark road. 

“He was so happy to see us,” reads the caption.

He also added that Wan’s journey should only take less than five hours, and the road he used was rarely used by other road users. 

Oh no, it must be so scary for him!

@markpik86 Wan Sesat 😔 #fypシ #berandatiktok #viral #bukitfrazer #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg ♬ Satu Rasa Cinta - Andijul maruf

The video has since garnered over 253,000 views at the time of writing.

Many took to the comment section to advise the man to change his icon to a car so that the app will not take him into shortcuts like the forest or narrow roads, “Try not to use the motorcycle icon, it can sometimes be dangerous,” one person said.

“I’m a rider as well and have been in the same situation. But luckily I found my way back.”

It must be so scary for him! We’re glad he’s safe now!