Malaysian Finds Heaps Of Cash Left At ATM, Uses The Help Of Social Media To Find The Owner!

This is so kind! 

A Twitter user recently shared how he came across an individual who had withdrawn money at an ATM and had left the cash at the machines as they were in a hurry.

malaysian finds heaps of cash left at atm, uses the help of social media to find the owner!Photo via Twitter (@HuzaimiTahir)

The Twitter user, Huzaimi recalled the incident which happened at around 9:40 pm at MRT Bukit Bintang last Saturday (18 February), where he spotted someone who had gone to an ATM but had accidentally left their cash at the machine. 

“I went to the ATM to withdraw money when I realised there were heaps of cash left at the cash slot. The cash is now with me and I couldn’t reach the number that was displayed at the ATM,” he said.

He continued in his tweet saying that he was planning to hand in the money to the authorities as soon as possible, however, he wanted to try the power of social media to help him connect with the person. 

“You would have to verify the amount first before I pass the money to you,” he said. 

His post went viral on social media which caught the attention of the ATM company, “Someone from the ATM company contacted me and we will proceed to check the CCTV tomorrow!”

After a few hours, he updated that he had found the owner of the cash and will proceed to transfer the amount to the person, “They even gave me the transaction details, so it’s verified!

“Thank you, everyone! I knew that social media could do wonders!” he continued saying. 

The tweet has since garnered over 144 thousand views at the time of writing. 

Malaysians took to the comment section to praise the man for his honesty, “Thank you for doing the right thing. May God ease all your journey from now on,” one person commented. 

“Bless you. Congrats to you, kind soul!”

Guys, this is what you should do whenever you find money that isn’t yours. 

Remember that ATMs have cameras and the person who forgot the money will likely report this to the bank, and as far as we know, taking money that is not yours is a crime!