Man Cautions Malaysians After Falling Ill For Eating Snow In Japan, Disrupting His Plans

Undoubtedly, having the chance to experience snow abroad is a unique blessing that not everyone gets to enjoy.

The excitement tends to amplify when abroad, especially since not every country boasts four distinct seasons.

man cautions malaysians after falling ill for eating snow in japan, disrupting his plansPhoto via TikTok (@hermanrawi)

In a recent viral incident, a man embarked on a trip to Japan, where the snowy season was in full swing.

Captured on camera, the man casually indulged in eating snowballs, a seemingly innocent activity that took a toll on his health. The consequence? He fell seriously ill, battling symptoms of coughing, severe cold, and body aches throughout his entire 8-day stay in Japan. This unexpected turn of events disrupted his planned itinerary, prompting a cautionary note from him.

As the video gained traction on TikTok, amassing 700K views, 13K likes, and 1K comments, netizens chimed in with various reactions.

However, amidst the discussions, one crucial takeaway emerged - a netizen aptly remarked, "It's not just you, brother. We Malays, on the other hand, don't eat snow; we eat ABC," drawing attention to the local dessert ABC.


Biasalah kita melayu batak haha never again

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The incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with consuming snow. Snow can be contaminated with pollutants, bacteria, or other harmful substances. In addition, the extreme cold temperature can adversely affect the throat and digestive system.

Ultimately, it's crucial to exercise caution and prioritise health when enjoying the wonders of winter, refraining from eating snow to avoid potential health complications.