Man Dressed As A Ghost Joins Police’s Effort To Keep Us At Home

If the police can’t get you to stay at home, maybe a ghost can!

man dressed as pocong joins police’s effort to keep us at homePhoto: Facebook Muhd Urabil Alias 

A Terengganu man recently went viral after he posted photos of him standing in top of a van, dressed like a ghost!

In his Facebook page last Saturday (28 March), Muhammad Urabil Alias shared photos of him wearing what looks like an extra-large white bedsheet while standing on top of a van, looking exactly like a horrifying ghost. He even jokingly gave a shout out to the police and RELA department and asked them whether there are any vacancies for him to help man the roadblocks since he’s bored at home.

Urabil told Harian Metro that he only did it to scare the teens in Taman Anika Jaya, Kampung Tempurung in Chukai where he lived, who refused to obey to the MCO issued by the government.

"When I uploaded the photos on Facebook, a lot of people panicked and became scared to leave their houses," he said.

"I just wanted them to follow the restrictions enforced by the government and I think it was a success because a lot of them are now concerned about walking around at night,” he added

Urabil also did not expect that many thought that the photos were real!

"Netizens reached out to me and asked whether the photos were real or not. I thought I made it obvious from the light-hearted tone in my post.

Turns out, he wasn’t even trying to dress up as a ghost, but merely cosplaying possibly one of his favorite characters from the popular movie franchise, The Lord of The Rings!

“I was clearly joking, but so many people thought that I was an actual ghost when I was just dressed up as Gandalf," he said.

Urabil explained to Harian Metro that it was his wife who took the photos. He also apologized if people found his actions to be offensive.

He said, "I really didn't mean to catch this much attention. My wife and I would like to apologise if you think we went too far."

His post has since garnered over 3.5K shares with netizens supporting his brilliant solution to get people to stay inside.

man dressed as pocong joins police’s effort to keep us at home

Photo: Facebook Muhd Urabil Alias 

Before there’s an actual ghost out there telling us to stay home... maybe it’s safe for us to just do what we have to!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya