Alamak! Malaysian Man Had To Destroy His House Railings to Rescue Cow Trapped in Puzzling Situation

A recent incident in Malaysia left a man facing an unusual predicament when his cow managed to get its head stuck between the railings at the side of his house. 

The incident was captured and shared on TikTok by user @aboybetta_n9!

alamak! malaysian man had to destroy his house railings to rescue cow trapped in puzzling situationPhoto via TikTok (@aboybetta_n9)

The short video clip portrays the cow helplessly trapped with its head lodged in the narrow gaps of the pink brick railings. The cow's owner, determined to rescue the animal, can be seen using a hammer to demolish the railings, which proves to be the only solution. Throughout the ordeal, the cow appears resigned to its fate.

The 15-second video was captioned with a simple "Lembu Problem" (cows problem) and has since gained immense popularity, garnering over 491,000 views and more than 8,400 likes. Many viewers expressed their bewilderment at how the cow ended up in such a situation in the first place.

The comments section of the video was flooded with praises for the owner's compassion and willingness to go to great lengths to save his cow, even if it meant demolishing part of his own house. 

Some viewers couldn't help but be amused by the cow's seemingly innocent expression despite the predicament it found itself in.

Others speculated about how the cow's head managed to get stuck in the small gaps between the railings, while some empathized with the owner for having to dismantle his property to free the animal.

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As the video gained attention, viewers shared their thoughts and experiences, wondering if anyone else had witnessed similar incidents involving animals in unexpected situations. 

The incident has sparked discussions on social media, leaving many with a mix of amusement and sympathy for the cow and admiration for the owner's quick thinking and actions.