Man Puts Barriers To Prevent Floodwaters From Entering His Home But Failed, Netizens Heartbroken By His Reaction!

Floods in Malaysia are one of the most regular natural disasters affecting the country, which occurs nearly every year especially during the monsoon season.

man puts barriers to prevent floodwaters from entering his home but failed, netizens heartbroken by his reaction!Photo via TikTok (@kahirul_anam55)

The coasts of peninsular Malaysia are the most prone to flooding, and because of that Malaysians are always ready and prepared to protect their homes from the flood.

A video recently went viral of a man who is seen building “flood walls” to prevent floodwaters from entering his home. At first, the barrier he built using sandbags seemed to work, until the rain got heavier which caused the sandbags to fall and floodwaters overflow.

What broke netizens’ hearts was the man’s reaction, who was clearly upset that his barriers were not strong enough to withstand the floodwaters. 

“Floods can sometimes be unpredictable. You have done all you can!” said one person.

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The video has since garnered over 2.3 million views at the time of writing.

Ahh, this is so sad! We hope the man and his family are okay and safe.