Man Allegedly Dies From Eating Durian After Vaccination, KKM Debunks Fake News

Guys, please don’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially those chain messages you get on WhatsApp from Mak Teh! 

man allegedly dies from eating durian after vaccination, kkm debunks fake newsPhoto via FMT

Recently, there has been a rumour going around that a man died from eating durian after getting vaccinated. Which is not true!

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has taken to their Twitter account to debunk the rumour as fake news!

The message that has been spreading online reads: “Tell family and friends not to eat durian before and after vaccination. A man in my garden got vaccinated and came back the next day eating durian and died. We must know and beware to be careful. Life is precious because a moment of ignorance will make life disappear.”

KKM reshared a screenshot of the message on their Twitter with the caption: “Fake news. Don’t spread or share.”

Don’t worry, guys, it’s totally safe to eat durian after getting your COVID-19 jab. So, can we go enjoy some durian now?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat