“Mama, I Want That Toy”

“mama, i want that toy”

Photo: Twitter (@cherylfernandes)

How often have you seen a crying child throwing a tantrum in the middle of a store, nose running, eyes red, and no longer the cute little kid he was 2 minutes ago?

Parenting isn’t easy, but Twitter user @cherylfernando makes it seem not that difficult either! She shared a picture of her daughter facing a shelf of toys, just looking quietly at the display. Her caption caught our eye - her husband told her daughter that toy stores are actually homes for the toys and she can’t possible separate them from their home.

According to Cheryl, the method seems to work perfectly so far! Netizens were pretty amused by the advice and someone asked what happens if Cheryl’s daughter happens to see other kids bringing the toys home. She said that has never happened yet - but we sure are curious to know too!

Brushing teeth time was also a ridiculously difficult time for our parents, especially for those of us who were too lazy. Cheryl’s husband (a very wise man, we must say), changed things up by buying TWO toothbrushes for their daughter. When it comes to tooth brushing time, he simply asks the young girl which toothbrush she wants to use, instead of asking or telling her to brush her teeth. 

The concept behind this is to simply trick the lil ones (sorry, kiddos!) into thinking that they have a choice. Secretly, they don’t, but they fall for the trick anyway. 

Parenting can be fun, but it definitely does take plenty of effort and kudos to this duo for making it look so easy!

By: Celestine Foo