M’sian Shares How She Was Fat-Shamed For Ordering Pan Mee & Dim Sum For Lunch, Netizens Stand Up For Her

Eating is something we do mostly for nourishment, but can also happen for pleasure.

In a lot of cases, people are embarrassed to eat in front of others because they have been shamed in the past about the way they eat or constantly corrected in some way.

m’sian shares how she was fat-shamed for ordering pan mee & dim sum for lunch, netizens stand up for herPhoto via Blogspot

Recently, an anonymous post on Facebook went viral after a woman shared how she was fat-shamed by her colleague for ordering a bit of food.

She said in her post that she was out for lunch with her colleagues and ordered a bowl of pan mee, two plates of dumplings and iced coffee. After placing her orders, one of her male colleagues then told her: “No wonder you are so fat, you eat so much.

“I am a man and I don’t even eat that much”

The woman then added that she doesn't feel like she’s overweight, and that she only weighs 58 kg, “After the joke, most of us just didn’t feel like eating anymore,” she added. 


Posted by XUAN Play on Friday, 24 February 2023

Apparently, the “joke” did not sit well with Malaysians who took to the comment section to stand up for the woman and criticize the man for his rude “joke,” “Did you take food from his house? Your weight is none of his business.”

“If he is single, tell him this is probably why he’s single. If he’s married, tell him that you feel sorry for his wife who isn’t able to have a satisfying meal at home,” one woman commented. 

The post has since garnered over 500 comments at the time of writing.

What do you guys think of this?