Malaysians Are Sharing ‘Groupfies’ To Celebrate The Diversity of Their Friendships

malaysians are sharing ‘groupfies’ to celebrate the diversity of their friendshipsImage via @hazirahajinan

Internet trends can often be cool, silly or altogether inexplicable. How else are we supposed to understand the Tide Pod challenge? But once in a while, an uplifting and wholesome trend can also appear, like when Malaysians started sharing group pictures with their friends of various backgrounds to celebrate the diversity of our nation.

It all started when a Twitter user @hazirahajinan shared a story of how a Chinese uncle approached her and her friends to take a group picture while they were on a trip in Ipoh, hoping to make it viral by portraying the diversity of Malaysia.

And it has become viral indeed! The tweet, which has since generated 24.1K retweets and 24K likes to date, went on to spark a trend of Malaysians sharing pictures of themselves with their multicultural friends, all in the spirit of “One Malaysia”.

It’s so refreshing to be reminded of how united we are amongst our rich cultural landscape when we’re often bombarded with news of natural disasters, crimes and misfortunes.

We love a good, wholesome trend! 🇲🇾