M’sians Queue 7 Hours For Viral Crepes, Express Frustration Over Wait Time, Seller Shares Response

Kieda, a well-known TikToker and businesswoman, has been serving up delicious crepes in Penang, but her popularity extends beyond the state. 

Recently, she decided to take her crepe business on a "tour" to Shah Alam, giving her fans a chance to try her menu.

m’sians queue 7 hours for viral crepes, express frustration over wait time, seller shares responsePhoto via TikTok (@kiedacrepe)

To her surprise, the crowd at Stadium Shah Alam was overwhelming, with an estimated 5,000 people showing up to get a taste of her desserts. However, as the day went on, things took a chaotic turn. Long waiting times tested the patience of some customers, leading to fights and altercations, as Kieda shared in a Facebook post.

"People started fighting with each other. Some became impatient and wanted to pick a fight with my husband when he couldn't meet their demands. Sadly, one of my employees was even assaulted because of the crowd management," Kieda expressed.

The massive turnout caught Kieda and her team off guard, making it difficult for them to handle such a large number of customers. 

Despite the challenges and criticism they faced, Kieda expressed gratitude for the learning experience and appreciated the business tips shared by some visitors.

Kieda acknowledged the excessive wait times and apologized for not being able to meet all the customers' needs. She also thanked the residents of Shah Alam for their unwavering support and understanding. Reports even surfaced of people waiting in line for up to seven hours just to get their hands on her famous crepes.

@kiedacrepe Terima kasih semua warga Shah Alam support #kiedacrepetour 🤎 Maafkan kekurangan #kiedacrepe ♬ original sound - KiedAmy

This incident serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the lessons we can learn from our mistakes. It raises the question: Are you willing to endure long hours of waiting just to satisfy your craving for a particular food?