Malaysian Netizens Grieve the Loss of TikTok Star Guinea Pig, Kalbar

Kalbar, the lovable guinea pig, and her Malaysian owner had previously captured the internet's heart with their synchronized reactions to fireworks outside their home. 

This endearing duo quickly won the affection and attention of Malaysian netizens. 


Aunty / uncle nampak lalu fyp , singgah la bila kalbar live okay 🥹🐹

♬ original sound - At_Bie - Bie

Regrettably, on August 16, the owner of Kalbar shared a heart-wrenching update via her TikTok account, delivering the sad news of her beloved furry companion's passing. This announcement left countless fans and netizens in a state of mourning.

In a TikTok post uploaded by @at_bie, she poured out her emotions in a heartfelt tribute to her cherished guinea pig: "Rest well up there my dear child, thank you for being my friend for almost two years, I love you in this world and the afterlife, see you there my beloved son KALBAR. Rest in peace."

A few hours later, she posted a video holding Kalbar, a poignant moment that deeply touched the hearts of many, “I’m grateful, from the time you come to me until the time you leave, I’ve been by your side. 

[Viewer Discretion Advised: Sensitive Content: This video includes visuals of deceased animals that could be unsettling. Viewer discretion is advised.]

@at_bie Mak bersyukur sayang , dari kalbar datang dekat mak sampai kalbar pergi , mak ada disisi kalbar. Kalbar dah ramai buat orang happy lagi lagi mak sayang. Simpan sini untuk mak dan lain untuk tidak lupakan kalbar sampai bila bila sayang. Kalbar tetap dalam hati mak sampai hembusan nafas mak , jumpa disana kalbar 🐹❤️ #fyp #biekalbar #guineapig ♬ original sound - Bie

“Kalbar has made many people happy. I’ll keep this here for myself and others so that we don’t forget you Kalbar. Kalbar remains in my heart until my breath, see you there Kalbar.”

As the news of Kalbar's departure reverberated, the comments section overflowed with expressions of grief, illustrating how even the smallest of companions can leave an indelible mark on those who knew them: “Thank you Kalbar for making us happy. It’s sad that Kalbar has gone.”

@at_bie Rehat la disana anakku sayang , terima kasih teman mak selama hampir dua tahun , mak sayang kalbar dunia dan akhirat , jumpa mak disana anak kesayangan mak KALBAR 🐹❤️ Rest in peace #fyp #biekalbar ♬ original sound - Bie

This heartrending announcement has garnered over 1.1 million views and thousands of heartfelt condolences.