Malaysians Came Out With Hilarious Theories for the 'Mysterious' Green Sky In Sungai Besar

When it comes to hilarious memes, you can count on Malaysians! 

A heartwarming story unfolded in Sungai Besar, Selangor, on October 24th, leaving many Malaysians amazed!

It all started when a photograph of an unusual 'green sky' surfaced on a local community Facebook group at 8:21 PM that evening. Soon, reports poured in from residents who had also witnessed this extraordinary sight.

On October 25th, Omar Abdul Rahman, the chairman of the Selangor Fishermen's Association, provided an explanation, revealing that the captivating green sky was a result of lights used by local fishermen in a traditional practice known as 'squid jigging.'

malaysians came out with hilarious theories for the 'mysterious' green sky in sungai besarPhoto via Facebook (I LOVE SUNGAI BESAR)

Squid jigging involves the use of large overhead lights to illuminate the water, attracting squid to the shaded areas beneath the fishermen's boats. This technique makes it easier for them to catch the squid using barbless lures and monofilament fishing lines.

The enchanting green sky that graced the evening was, in fact, a beautiful display of the lights created by the green lamps used by the fishermen, showcasing the harmonious relationship between nature and the age-old customs of the local fishermen.

Before this heartwarming explanation emerged, imaginative netizens had their own humorous interpretations of the phenomenon, adding a touch of whimsy to the situation.

"Could it be that Green Lantern's ring is looking for its next owner in Malaysia?" one person playfully pondered.

"Maybe the characters from Dragon Ball were having a showdown in Sungai Besar," suggested another.

And, with a dash of levity, someone humorously declared, "Sungai Besar has now transformed into Gotham!

In a world where the unusual often ignites curiosity and a sense of unity, this unique event brought people from diverse backgrounds together to marvel at the captivating mysteries of nature and the delightful humor of human imagination.