Malaysians Come Together To Corner Man Who Stole A Lady’s Car!

malaysians come together to corner man who stole a lady’s car!Main image via Facebook [TheRakyatPost]

Sometimes, we can’t deny that the world is a dangerous place, but this incident got our faith in humanity restored. 

A woman got the shock of her life when a man tried to steal her car at a traffic light! Clips of the incident have been circulating on Facebook and the victim can be seen being stopped and pulled out of the car. Not knowing what to do, she cries for help from the other drivers who were witnessing it. 

The suspect tried driving away in his stolen car, but four other drivers were quick to react. They attempted to corner him and continued pursuing him after they failed once. 

They finally succeeded in cornering the suspect, and one of the drivers bravely pulled the suspect out of the stolen car. The suspect was knocked down to the ground and people were seen gathering there, including the victim. 

The incident allegedly happened at Sri Petaling heading towards Kuchai Lama. We’re not sure if a police report was made but hey, the woman got her car back and that’s great! 

Good job, fellow Malaysians!

By Piravina Ragunathan