A-Team! M’sians Band Together To Move Parked Car That’s Blocking The Road

Driving through narrow roads can be very stressful, especially when there are cars parked at the side of the road making it harder to drive. 

It’s never a pleasant experience but has been too common for Malaysians to find themselves stuck on the road, thanks to inconsiderate drivers who parked their cars illegally or so badly on the side of the road which blocks others from going through! 

a-team! m’sians band together to move parked car that’s blocking the roadPhoto via TikTok (@amirafiqqqqq)

Recently, a video making rounds on social media show a group of Malaysians working together to move a parked car that was blocking the road for other users. 

The car was parked so badly that half of its body was sticking out in the middle of the road, making it hard or nearly impossible for other cars to go through the road. Aiyo!

“The King’s parking is blocking the road,” reads the caption.

The group of men, all wearing the same red shirts can be seen standing around the car and slowly lifting it together to push it closer to the curb. 

That is actually very impressive! 

@amirafiqqqqq ♬ Goda - Bhumiband

The video has since been viewed over 545.6 thousand views on TikTok at the time of writing. 

Guys, did you know that it is actually illegal to obstruct roads?

You can actually be liable for this as an offense, whereby you may be arrested without a warrant or asked to pay a fine up to RM500, and in the case of a subsequent conviction, the fine can go up to, but not exceed RM1,000. 

So, park your cars responsibly!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat