Malaysians Are Praising This German YouTuber For Helping Local Vendors At Jonker Walk!

If you’ve been to Melaka, you know that even during laidback weekdays, Jonker Street is always alive and buzzing with people.

malaysians are praising this german youtuber for helping local vendors at jonker walk!

A German YouTuber, Ken Döscher stole the hearts of Malaysian netizens with his kindness when he decided to support the small businesses that are still open at the Jonker night market. 

In the video that recently went viral, Ken decided that he would buy one item from every stall after he saw how quiet and deserted the night market was.

“It’s sad to see that there are almost no shops open. I thought I’d help them with their business by buying something,” he said as he walked around the empty night market. 

Ken, who has been in Melaka since before the implementation of the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) in March said that he wanted to support the locals and also give them hope during this difficult time. 

As he was buying something from each of the vendors, he asked one of them why they stayed open despite having no tourists or customers around, and the vendor answered, “The show must go on. We try to open our stall, because we are trying to survive, and try to continue with our business.”

He also told Ken that some of these vendors had already paid their rent in advance until December and already had to downsize because they could not afford to pay their workers. 

One grateful vendor even thanked him after she heard about what he was doing saying, “Thank you so much, Sir, you are very kind.”

Ken, who has been living in Malaysia for over eight months due to the MCO said that he hopes his video could inspire others to do the same and to help local businesses. 

“I hope people would support the local businesses instead of buying food from the big chains, for example. It’s always better to support the locals and local businesses.”

Malaysians online flooded the comments section, praising him for helping the locals.

malaysians are praising this german youtuber for helping local vendors at jonker walk!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat