M'sian Shares Why It's Important To Learn How To Love Yourself And Enjoy Your Own Company

We all have those moments when being by ourselves feels like a breath of fresh air, giving us a chance to connect with our inner selves and fulfil the needs of our inner child. 

But let's be real – sometimes, spending too much time alone can make us feel a bit lonely.

m'sian shares why it's important to learn how to love yourself and enjoy your own companyPhoto via TikTok (@nisa_rinaa)

Here's the thing, though – being alone doesn't always mean feeling lonely. One Malaysian named Nisa, who shared her story on TikTok (@nisa_rinaa), has some great insights on finding joy in your own company, even when the world around you is buzzing with activity.

Nisa used to find comfort in chilling at home during weekends, but things changed when she realised she could actually enjoy her own company without relying on others.

"I used to feel lonely watching everyone hanging out with their loved ones on weekends. But trust me, isolating yourself too much at home can leave you feeling exhausted," she shares.

In her TikTok video, Nisa spills the beans on how to be happy when you're alone. One key tip? Learn to have fun by yourself because not everyone is meant to stick around forever.

"Love yourself more and enjoy your own company. Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely," she reminds us.

Nisa also talks about making peace with the idea of spending time alone by acknowledging and accepting your feelings. It's all about being okay with it.

So, takeaway? Nisa's TikTok is a friendly nudge to remind us that being comfortable with solitude isn't just okay; it's a big part of showing love to yourself. It's about changing how you see being alone, finding happiness within, and realising that enjoying your own company is a special kind of joy. 

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No more feeling lonely – it's all about embracing your own awesome company!