Malaysian Woman Shares How Stranger Approached Her Car & Tries To Open The Door For Over 15 Minutes!

A Malaysian woman recently shared on TikTok to recount how she was sexually harassed by a random stranger in Kuala Lumpur.

A random man approached her car and tried several times to break into her car as she was sitting alone, as seen in the video shared on her Instagram. How scary!

malaysian woman shares how stranger approached her car & tries to open the door for over 15 minutes!Photo via TikTok (@emmazack521)

According to Emma Ariffin, she was waiting in the car for her husband and her child while they went to a barbershop at Jalan Chow Kit in KL. 

“I didn’t go with them so I waited in the car. Plus, it was raining at the time,” she said. Emma recalled that five minutes after her husband and child left, a stranger unexpectedly approached their car. 

“He appeared to be mentally disturbed. His clothes were filthy. I’ve seen people like him around here before, but this was different. He was frantically trying to open our car’s door,” she added. 

But fortunately, Emma said she had locked the door after her husband left which kept the intruder out. 

She said that the man tried to open the car door more than three times and stood outside the car for over 15 minutes, despite the rain. To make matters worse, Emma saw the man unzipping his pants before re-zipping them. 

Emma also claims that the man pulled something out of his shirt pocket but didn’t see what it was as she wasn’t paying attention, “I didn’t know what to do because I was terrified, so I just recorded him.”

Her husband had also left his phone in the car when the incident happened, making it impossible for her to contact him for assistance. 

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Ehh, so scary! Thank you for sharing your story with us, Emma, and we’re so glad nothing bad happened to you. 

Ladies (and guys), please be careful when you’re out in public alone and make sure to ALWAYS lock your car doors if you’re waiting for someone.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat