M’sian Woman Shares Housemate's Behaviour That Leaves Many Feeling Disgusted

Renting and living with unfamiliar people certainly comes with many challenges. It's not just about getting to know them, but we also don't know their behaviors and cleanliness standards inside the house.

m’sian woman shares housemate's behaviour that leaves many feeling disgustedPhoto via TikTok (@tyrabkri)

Recently, a video on TikTok went viral, showing a woman sharing the untidy habits of her housemate. Through the video, the woman shared the unclean habits of her roommate.

What's even more surprising is that the shown images are truly disturbing. Among them are piles of used towels that haven't been discarded, scattered leftover food, a refrigerator oozing with dirty water, clothes strewn around, and much more.

"Wow, it's even worse, I believe guys' rented houses are cleaner even if they look messy" - Netizen

Following the viral spread of the video, which has now reached up to 3 million views, 213,000 likes, and 12,000 comments on TikTok, average netizens have also expressed various reactions.

@tyrabkri betul la perempuan cantik taksemua rajin. SUMPAH KALAU SAMBUNG STUDY KENA CARI HOUSEMATE YANG ADA “ COMMON SENSE “ KALAU TIDAK HIDUP LA MACAM DALAM NERAKA. #housematepengotor #student #perempuan #fyp ♬ BIZCOCHITO - ROSALÍA

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial not only for personal well-being but also for the health and harmony of shared living spaces. 

Clean environments prevent the spread of germs, diseases, and pests, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable living situation for everyone involved. It's a shared responsibility to uphold cleanliness standards, especially when living with housemates or roommates. 

A clean and organized living space promotes positive relationships and a sense of respect among housemates…

So, whether living alone or with others, practicing good hygiene habits is essential for a better quality of life.