Malaysian Woman’s Love For Cooking Turns Her Into An Internet Sensation!

While many of us have tried our very best to become at-home chefs, this young mother shared her love for cooking to the world and instantly became an internet sensation.

Despite only beginning her YouTube career in January this year, 28-year old S. Pavithra along with her husband, 29-year-old M.Sugu and their little family, have already won the hearts of many Malaysians for her easy, delicious recipes and what more, while speaking fluent Malay!

malaysian woman’s love for cooking turns her into an internet sensation!Photo: Bernama

Pavithra began uploading their cooking videos upon the suggestion of her good friend, who was also a ‘YouTuber’.

"My first dish was grilled tilapia and I spoke Malay throughout the video. In just four days, I managed to get 5,000 subscribers on my channel and then I received an e-mail from YouTube to become their ‘partner’,” Pavithra told Bernama.

In her videos, Pavithra not only gives out clear and simple instructions on how to cook some of Malaysian’s favourite dishes but also shares glimpses of her home life in the estate quarters with her husband and two children, as they cook and eat together as a family.

What attracted netizens more to her videos is also her fluency in Bahasa Malaysia, which many have praised her for.

"I can speak Malay fluently so why shouldn’t I speak it in my videos? If I speak in Tamil, not everyone will understand. By using Malay, many Malaysians can watch and understand.”

Pavithra, who hails from Buntong, Ipoh, says she and her husband never thought so many people would watch their videos, let alone subscribe to their channel. This has become a motivation for her to come up with more interesting content.

"The most interesting and motivating part is when many viewers left positive comments and asked us to continue doing this. Some of them also requested Indian recipes, which is really exciting, ” she said.

Pavithra told Bernama that she was also thrilled when she found that there were a number of celebrities who not only followed their YouTube channel but also tried the recipes and uploaded videos of them online, adding how they were inspired by ‘Sugu Pavithra'.

Within a few months of starting her cooking channel, their channel has garnered some 165,000 subscribers, effectively turning this couple into YouTube sensations who receive a monthly income in US dollars.

To date, Pavithra has uploaded over 70 videos on her YouTube channel and reached almost 5 million total views for all her videos!

We can’t get enough of Pavithra’s cooking videos and we wish her the very best of luck in her new and exciting career!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya