M’sian Woman Shares How She Finds Lizard In Her Pastries, Video Went Viral Online!

A woman recently shared a video of a very “interesting find” in a box of cinnamon rolls that she just bought. 

m’sian woman shares how she finds lizard in her pastries, video went viral online!Photo via TikTok (sayakanauni0)

In the 6-seconds TikTok video, she explained that she just arrived home and was about to take a bite of one of the cinamon rolls when she saw a huge lizard, just casually chilling in between the pastries. 


She also admitted in her caption that she only noticed the lizard after taking a few bites of the cinnamon rolls.


Dh mkn baru perasann😭😔

♬ suara asli - gabut woi

Well, not going to lie, we would’ve missed it, too because the inside of the box matches the colour of the lizard. Ew!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat