M’sian Woman Crochets Hat For K-pop Singer, Yoona Who Later Shares It On bugAboo’s Twitter

The K-pop wave has taken the world by storm, and has become a truly global phenomenon thanks to its addictive melodies and slick choreography. 

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok of a woman who made a crochet hat and gifted it to Yoona, a Japanese singer and member of the South Korean girl-group bugAboo. 

m’sian woman crochets hat for k-pop singer, yoona who later shares it on bugaboo’s twitterPhoto via TikTok (@squishyadwi)

In the video, the woman and Yoona can be seen having the most adorable interaction with each other, which received an equally adorable reaction from the rest of the bugAboo members.

The woman was seen handing the handmade crochet hat to Yoona, which shocked the singer at first. Yoona then realized that the hat was made for her and took it with so much excitement. How sweet!

Yoona then took to bugAboo’s official Twitter account to upload a photo of herself wearing the hat, “Thank you, Malaysia. See you again!” the caption reads.

The woman who gave Yoona the crochet hat reposted bugAboo’s tweet and shared her excitement, that a hat made by her own hands is loved and appreciated by her favorite singer. 

Some asked why she only made the hat for Yoona, and the woman clarified that she would love to make hats for everyone, however, their fan meeting was announced in less than a week, so she didn’t have ample time to make hats for all the members. 

“I am only one person and also a beginner crocheter. And I’ve never made a hat with this stitching style so it was very tricky!” 



♬ 사랑스러워 - SINB (GFRIEND)

The video has since garnered over 760,000 views and over 112,000 likes at the time of writing. 

Many took to the comment section to point out the singer’s genuine reaction, and how her group members were also happy for her, “I love how the other members looked genuinely happy, too!” one person wrote. 

What a special thing to have with someone you love and admire. We’re so happy for you!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat