M’sian Man Documented His Day As “Rental Boyfriend” On CNY!

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“When are you getting married, ah?”

“Have any guy friends, or not?”

Well, the simple answer to all these questions is… to just bring your “boyfriend” to meet the family!

Just before Chinese New Year, a young man posted a video on TikTok offering his service as the “boyfriend” for RM50 a day. Yes, he was renting himself to be someone’s boyfriend for CNY!

Internet users were intrigued and wondered if he would actually go forward with his plans. 



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But recently, the teenager, who is known as Kinn on TikTok, shared a short vlog of his CNY celebration with his client as her “boyfriend.”

He met the girl at her family’s home after first buying some bakwa for them. He then took several photos with her and then headed straight into the living room to meet the girl’s father and grandfather… who gave him an ang pow! 

In the video, he is also seen feeding his client some pineapple tarts for lunch and helping her to peel her prawns, which he apparently included in his ‘Rent A Boyfriend’ package, “I tried my best but the prawns were too oily,” he said.

He even helped the family wash the dishes, fed her some more food and even joined her family for supper at a restaurant.

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At the end of the video, he promised himself that he would never rent out himself again. 

Netizens, however, find it amusing but felt that Kinn should have demanded a higher payment. 

The video has since garnered over 203,900 views at the time of writing.