M'sian Surprises Sister With Alpacas At Birthday Party, Netizens Amused!

A Malaysian woman, Komani Ganesan, has truly outdone herself in planning a special birthday surprise for her sister, and she did it in the most adorable way possible!

m'sian surprises sister with alpacas at birthday party, netizens amused!Photo via TikTok (@komaniganesan)

For her sister's 17th birthday party at their home in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya, Komani orchestrated a unique celebration that left everyone astonished. Documenting the event on her TikTok page @komaniganesan, Komani arranged for two alpacas, named Pearly and Brownie, to join the festivities and spend a couple of hours with the guests.

The unexpected entrance of the alpacas, guided by their handlers into the home's compound, not only surprised her sister but also captivated the entire family. Komani shared that, before interacting with the furry guests, the handlers provided guidelines on how to approach and engage with the alpacas.

In the video, Komani humorously mentioned, "Actually, the adults who were around were more excited to see the alpacas."

According to Komani, the alpacas were friendly, loving all the guests who were trying to meet them. Guests were seen gathered around the alpacas, snapping pictures and petting them. 

After a brief but delightful visit, the alpacas eventually had to leave with their handlers. 

@komaniganesan ALPACA in my house!? Was this even real or just a dream 🦙 Thank you @Alpaca Joy Malaysia ♬ original sound - Just Komani

The unique birthday surprise undoubtedly left an indelible memory for all involved. How cute!