M’sian Students Reveal Only Eating Plain Rice Or RM1 Meals To Survive Through Uni

Recently, the discussion regarding University students surviving on only one meal a day to save money has since gone viral on social media. 

One man took to his Twitter revealing that he knew a person who eats a packet of instant noodles a day, and breaks it into two so they can have it for lunch and dinner.

He also said that the friend suffered from malnutrition after years of poor diet, “Years later he passed away and the doctor said that he was severely malnourished.”

“I believe the only hardship nobody deserves in this world is hunger. If you know anyone who doesn't have money or is hungry, please feed them. No matter who they are,” the man continued in his tweet. 

After his tweet went viral, many Malaysian students took to the comment section to reveal how they, too, survived on only one meal a day. Some even said they can only afford plain rice as the cost of living has risen significantly. 

“For five days a week, I only eat plain rice to fill my stomach. I spent RM1 for plain rice and fried chicken crumbs for lunch and I will have instant noodles. I will also have crackers, eggs and milo if I’m feeling super hungry. 

“I can do it, but most can’t. Students shouldn’t be hungry,” they said. 

Another student also said that they only buy rice with kuah (gravy) for lunch, “If I have extra money, I will buy some vegetables or a potato dish for RM2.

“Usually in the evening, I will go to bed early if I’m feeling hungry because I won’t have the energy to do anything,” the tweet reads.

Meanwhile, one student said that they would bring their own sambal from home, which helps in cutting the cost of their lunch, “I sometimes have to starve if I don’t have money. I don’t want to bother my parents.

“I will buy a piece of chicken and have it with my sambal.”

And shockingly, they’re not the only ones! Many also took to the comment section to share how they survive college with little to no money! 

Some even had to work part time jobs after a whole day of classes which they said was tiring, but they had to do it so that they could earn money to buy food.

This is heartbreaking…