Malaysian Singer Vanessa Reynauld Featured On Times Square Billboard In New York!

After Yuna, Layla Sania, Dolla and Iman Troye, singer Vanessa Reynauld is the next Malaysian to be featured on a Times Square billboard in New York, USA!

malaysian singer vanessa reynaulds featured on times square billboard in new york!Photo via Instagram (@vanessareynauld)

Vanessa is the fifth artist from Malaysia to be featured in Times Square as part of the EQUAL campaign by the giant digital streaming platform, Spotify.

Sharing her excitement, Vanessa said that it’s been a dream of hers to be featured on the famous billboards and added that it would be more fun if she could see it for herself.

“I was overwhelmed with support and so happy to be part of the campaign. All my hard work paid off and I am so proud of myself,” she said. 

Using her platform, the 22-year-old singer revealed that she has been the victim of body shaming since she was a child and took to her Instagram to put a spotlight on how body shaming can affect someone’s mental health while also pointing out the importance of self-love. 

She also revealed that there was a time where she was too traumatized and afraid to go to school due to the excessive ridicule she received. 

“There are those who compare me to a certain race and ethnicity just because of my natural beautiful afro.

“Hey! It’s expensive to do this kind of hairdo at saloons, okay!”

Beside expressing her excitement after being featured on the New York’s Time Square’s billboard under the Spotify Equal campaign, she also teased the release of her upcoming single 'Buatku Sempurna' this January 28th which is dedicated to her brother.

Ahh, we can’t wait to hear it!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat