“Clothes Everywhere!” Video Reveals the Reality of Living with a Messy Housemate

Having a roommate can be enjoyable as there are many things you can do together. And it's never boring when you have other tenants in the house, right?

“clothes everywhere!” video reveals the reality of living with a messy housematePhoto via Twitter (@lameymon)

However, not everyone can tolerate their roommate's behaviour. If they are considerate and clean, many people would appreciate it. But what if it's the opposite? How would you react?

This is precisely what a man faced when sharing a house with a roommate who drew widespread attention due to his habits.

In the video, the man revealed that his roommate hailed from the eastern coast of the country. He shared the conditions of his roommate's room.

In fact, clothes were never washed, the floor was sticky, and uneaten food was left, all of which made him cringe at the sight of such a situation.

"I've seen worse than this. The mattress has lost its colour,” A netizen commented.

Meanwhile, a look at the comment section revealed that most netizens had various reactions, and some even shared similar experiences.

As of writing this article, the video has garnered 1 million views, 494 replies, and 4,826 likes on Twitter.