Man Shares His Experience Almost Getting Kidnapped By E-Hailing Driver In Thailand, Cautions M’sians

While enjoying their trip overseas, a Malaysian and his friends had a frightening experience in Thailand. Andrew Tong shared his story on Facebook to caution others about the dangers they encountered with an e-hailing driver in Bangkok.

man shares his experience almost getting kidnapped by e-hailing driver in thailand, cautions m’siansPhoto via Facebook (Andrew Tong)

Andrew's group, comprised of two men and three women, had booked an e-hailing ride to the airport. The driver arrived at 7 pm, but something felt off. The car windows were tinted, and the driver immediately started acting suspicious, asking about their origin.

Andrew, who understood Thai, overheard the driver providing detailed information about their group to someone on the phone. This behavior raised red flags because normal drivers don't share such information.

When Andrew translated the conversation for his friend, the driver realized they understood Thai and became more alert. Feeling uneasy, they decided to check the GPS on their phones, which showed a significant time discrepancy compared to the driver's GPS.

To ensure their safety, they pretended to need a restroom break and requested to stop at a mall, causing the driver's demeanor to change. He claimed that the police would arrest them if they parked there and suggested going to a petrol station nearby.

The driver again reported their actions to the person on the phone, suspecting that they intended to escape. Seizing an opportunity, they abruptly exited the vehicle on the main road, grabbing their luggage. The driver didn't pursue them, and they were safe.


Posted by Andrew Tong on Tuesday, 5 September 2023

Andrew felt fortunate they acted swiftly, as the driver had a suspicious history, having driven over 600 passengers before them according to his e-hailing profile. 

His warning to others is to stay vigilant and cautious while traveling, as not everyone may have the same luck he and his friends did.

Remember, when traveling, always trust your instincts and prioritize your safety. Be aware of your surroundings, communicate with your fellow travelers, and use reliable transportation services. It's essential to stay vigilant and take precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.