M’sian Saves Dog That Was Lying On The Road, Believed To Have Been Hit By Car

Neighborhoods and kampung roads proved to be combat zones for almost every creature. Birds, cats, dogs, monkeys, cows, tapirs, rabbits… you name it!

And more often than not, animals that were hit by cars are usually left there on the road all alone, sometimes for hours under the hot weather before it eventually dies… It’s so sad!

m’sian saves dog that was lying on the road, believed to have been hit by carPhoto via Instagram (@iamyuvabalan)

But there have been many incidents where kind Malaysians would go above and beyond to save these helpless animals. 

Recently, a Reel on Instagram went viral of a man who helped a little puppy that was found lying motionless on the road. The puppy was believed to have been hit by a vehicle and was left there all alone, in the scorching weather. 
“I found this furkid that was hit by a car in the middle of the highway. No one stopped to help him.

“He was giving up, his tongue was sticking out. He looks so exhausted and can barely move. His bones are broken, I can feel it when I touch its legs,” he said in the video. 

He continued saying that the dog had to be admitted to the hospital for 24-hour care, and was later sedated to go for surgery. Oh, the poor thing!


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Look at that precious little face. Thank you, Yuvabalan for helping the sweet boy!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat