Wah! M’sian Receives Money Cake Worth RM52,000 From Sister For Her Birthday!

Hello, where can we get a sister like this?! 

Just kidding! 

wah! m’sian receives money cake worth rm52,000 from sister for her birthday!Photo via Instagram (@cocotong00)

Every year on the same day, the one thing that comes to mind for most people is their birthday.

When preparing for a birthday party, the first thing you should do is choose what kind of cake you want. It’s one of those decisions that may seem small but may leave the biggest impression on guests. Apart from the taste, the way it looks is also important as it’s going to be the center in all of the birthday photos.

Recently, a Malaysian woman was surprised with the most extravagant birthday cake for her 26th birthday. 

Her little sister gifted her with RM52,000 cash, rolled up in a form of a huge cake. 

In an Instagram post, her little sister Coco, founder of a beauty product company said that she decided to surprise her sister Vivian with the cake to show her love for her “favourite sister.” Aw, how sweet! 

She added that the RM52,000 resembles the number 520, which also means “I love you” in Mandarin. 

She explains further that Vivian, who is also the CEO and co-founder of the same company is her only sister who is blood-related and that she would do anything for her sister and wants to give her the best. 


A post shared by Coco Tong (@cocotong00)

Many in the comment section were in awe of the beautiful birthday cake and even tagged their own sisters for them to “take note” in case they don’t know what to get them for their birthday.

Well, BRB while we go tag our sister in the comment section too. What do you guys think of the cake? It’s beautiful, kan?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat