How Interesting! M'sian Reveals That Roti Bengali Is Not From Bengal, It's Actually From Malaysia!

The misconception around Roti Bengali unfolds as a netizen reveals its surprising origin on MIX Drive with Hafiz and Guibo.

Contrary to its name, Roti Bengali is not from Bengal but is a distinctive Malaysian creation, tracing its roots to Penang.

how interesting! m'sian reveals that roti bengali is not from bengal, it's actually from malaysia!Photo via TikTok (@wisedefies)

In a fascinating revelation, the netizen explains, "This is the interesting thing. It is called Roti Bengali, right? But it doesn't come from Bengal or anywhere else in the world. 

“It's Malaysian!"

The radio announcers, Hafiz and Guibo, intrigued by this revelation, inquire, "So why isn't it just called Roti Malaysia?"

The netizen sheds light on the history, stating, "It is actually a product of Penang. It was formed in Penang in 1928, 95 years ago, by Sheikh Mohammed Ismail, who opened the British Malaya Bakery in Georgetown, and it was originally called Roti Panggali, which means 'shareholder.'" 

The netizen goes on to reveal an interesting linguistic evolution, explaining, "Over time, it was people who mispronounced the word, got it corrupted, and converted to Roti Bengali."

As the revelation unfolds, Malaysians are left surprised and enlightened about the true origins of Roti Bengali.

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