So Kind! Malaysian Returns Wallet with SGD428 to Owner and Declines Cash Reward

A Malaysian man faced a moral dilemma when he stumbled upon a wallet containing SGD428. 

While he could have easily pocketed the money and become RM1,522 richer, he chose to do the right thing and return the wallet to its rightful owner. Seeking help from netizens, he quickly located the individual!

The man, identified as Zimmy, had no intention of keeping the money for himself. Instead, he happily reunited the wallet with its owner, who happened to be part of the Malaysian cross-border community, just like Zimmy.

so kind! malaysian returns wallet with sgd428 to owner and declines cash rewardPhoto via Facebook (Zimmy Bin Peter Bagang)

According to reports from China Press, Zimmy discovered the wallet at Changi Business Park on February 21st around 9 pm. He decided to hold onto it until he could properly return it.

"I was in a rush to get back to JB. When I arrived home, I discovered cash and the owner's documents, including his work pass," Zimmy shared.

Thanks to the power of social media, Zimmy's post in the Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers (MSBC) 马新过境者 Facebook group led him to the wallet's owner in just 30 minutes.

Zimmy disclosed that the owner, Mr. Wang, offered him a reward for his honesty. However, Zimmy, who was genuinely focused on ensuring the owner got back his lost wallet, politely declined the monetary gesture.

"He offered me too much, and I couldn't accept it. I took the SGD2. It's enough for me to buy a glass of Teh Tarik," Zimmy explained.

While SGD428 could have significantly boosted Zimmy's finances, his integrity prevailed over temptation. He also considered that Mr. Wang might have urgently needed the money for unforeseen circumstances.

In a world where kindness and honesty are sometimes rare commodities, Zimmy's selfless act serves as a shining example. 

His decision to prioritise integrity over personal gain is not only commendable but also deeply inspiring. May this heartwarming story remind us all of the power of honesty and the impact of small acts of kindness!