Trio of Cellist, Violinist, and Pianist Entertain Commuters at Pasar Seni MRT with Coldplay Performance

Train rides, often mundane and routine for frequent commuters, took an unexpected turn for some Malaysians at the Pasar Seni MRT station. 

Joanne Yeoh, a Malaysian violinist, along with her friends and fellow music enthusiasts, pianist Tham Horng Kent and cellist Lynn Ng, created a delightful musical surprise that added a touch of joy to the commuters' daily routine.

trio of cellist, violinist, and pianist entertain commuters at pasar seni mrt with coldplay performancePhoto via TikTok (@joanne8473)

Joanne Yeoh shared a TikTok video on her page @joanne8473, showcasing their impromptu performance. The trio transformed the MRT station into a makeshift concert hall, treating the audience to a beautiful rendition of Coldplay's 2008 hit, "Viva La Vida."

The infectious smiles on the faces of the three musicians reflected their shared passion for music as they seamlessly blended their instruments to create a harmonious masterpiece. 

Commuters passing by couldn't help but turn their heads to witness the enchanting performance. The trio's musical prowess drew applause from onlookers, creating a momentary break from the monotony of the daily commute.

The performance not only showcased the talents of Joanne Yeoh, Tham Horng Kent, and Lynn Ng but also highlighted the power of music to captivate and bring people together. 

The diverse group of onlookers, from different walks of life, collectively appreciated the musical interlude, emphasising the universal language of music.

The trio's impromptu concert not only relieved the stress of the commuters but also garnered praise from online spectators. Commenters commended the musicians for their exceptional talents, with one expressing regret at missing the live performance and hoping for another opportunity to witness their musical magic during future MRT rides. 

@joanne8473 Musicing at the subway. #vivalavida #vivalavidacoldplay #coldplay #coldplaycover #busking #aotmpiano #artsonthemovekl #musicing ♬ original sound - Joanne Yeoh

This heartening incident serves as a reminder of how music, with its universal appeal, has the potential to unite people and bring moments of joy to unexpected places.