Malaysian Man Saved Poisoned Dog With Coconut Water, Netizens Praised His Kind Deed!

There are a lot of different animals on Earth, but we believe that dogs are by far the greatest to have ever graced this planet.

…okay lah cats, too. Calm down all you cat lovers!

But seriously, no matter what you do, no matter how good or bad your day was, no matter how many times you yell at your dog or how much humans have wronged them, a dog will never stop loving with its whole entire heart and soul.

And because of that, the least we could do is to love them back unconditionally and treat them with kindness! 

malaysian man saved poisoned dog with coconut water, netizens praised his kind deed!Photo via Facebook (Apih McQuinn)

But unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and innocent animals - regardless of their species, are hurt every single day by irresponsible humans.

Recently, a poor dog was poisoned and stumbled into a stranger’s house at 3:30 am asking for help.

Facebook user Apih McQuinn, the dog was foaming at the mouth and was shaking all over. He wrote in the post that he is not a veterinarian, but he tried to help as best he could! 

His caption read: “Even though it’s a dog, it is still one of God’s beautiful creations. Not my dog, not sure whose dog this is, but it came over to my house asking for help.

“It looks like he’s been poisoned, I tried my best to help though I am not a veterinarian,” he wrote. 

In the video, he can be seen keeping the dog warm with a jacket and quickly went to grab two fresh coconuts to feed the sickly dog with its water in hopes to flush out the poison. 

Apih can be heard talking to the dog to keep it awake, while slowly feeding the poor dog with more coconut water. 

Walaupun anjing tapi dia tetap makluk ciptaan Allah swt, bukan anjing saya,tak tahu sapo punya sb terlepas, lepas tu...

Posted by Apih McQuinn on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Luckily, his effort paid off because the dog managed to recover. He said that the dog was already standing on its own the next day.

The dog then ran away after being fed with some sardines.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat