Malaysian Man Proposes To His Girlfriend Through Highway Billboard!

Flowers? Diamond? Fancy dinners? Hmm, thank you, next.

A wedding happens only one time in someone’s life. Though for some, a marriage proposal is not as important, while for others, marriage proposals can be very important!

malaysian man proposes to his girlfriend through highway billboard!Photo via Facebook (Vivian Koon)

Wedding proposals are usually associated by taking your other half to a fancy dinner, getting them gifts and of course, a diamond ring. However, one Malaysian man decided to step it up a little with a proposal that is worth remembering!

Shawn Loong shared a video on TikTok of him proposing to his girlfriend, Vivian Koon with a billboard on a highway, for the whole world to see! 


NFTs are the new diamonds! 💎 @opensea #NFT #proposal

♬ Your Man - Joji

According to WauPost, the billboard he had commissioned includes pieces of NFT artworks that he had purchased using a form of cryptocurrency known as Etherium, and one piece of the artwork is worth as much as $4,000, which is around RM16,613.20 if converted. 

However, the surprise doesn’t stop there… The billboard also includes a QR code that when scanned, leads to a virtual gallery containing images of the couple and romantic messages for Vivian. How sweet! 

We’re engaged! 💍 After the billboard proposal, he also prepared another surprise for me - Picnic Proposal! 🌲🌲🌲 I told...

Posted by Vivian Koon on Sunday, October 31, 2021

The couple then celebrated with a picnic with their friends after their engagement at a beautiful park in the Klang Valley.

This is the most extra proposal we’ve ever seen!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat